Welcome to the fourth wall

Kur:  Rez is another guardian and was one of my first friends when I was really little!  Him and Wyatt taught me a lot when Anastice was recovering from the abomination attack.  He’s some kind of wolf thing I think.  I don’t know why he looked like me earlier.

Kur:  As for powers… hmm.  I don’t know.  Though Wyatt always made me leave when him and Rez had to fight and considering they monitored the sonic wall, it’s possible.  

Kur:  Don’t let the fact that he fights fool you!  he’s a really nice guy!  well.. at least to me.  But after Wyatt died…  And there was that one OC—

Rez:  Kur. Don’t.

Kur: S… sorry..

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